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Gin Chats: Jimmy’s Face-to-Face-Book (2)

We’re guessing you guys peed your pants with excitement. Cool down and dry off. Sequel here we go. We call it rumble in the tea room. Jimmy facing the Queen, that’s like Muhammad Ali whooping George Forman. Words only of course. Almost.
Jimmy: The question was what your job brings along besides waving and heaving tea everyday exactly at five pm …


Gin Chats: Jimmy’s Face-to-Face-Book (1)

Munich Globe Bloggers come up with a brandy spanking new series. Our man for the lost moments, Jimmy Walker Jr., goes for a cup of gin with famous fellas and ushers them out of their cosy zone with his notoriously folksy backstreet style. The first victim of our truth machine is the Queen of England, Elizabeth number two. At least the lady we had our little …